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Coconut Trees View Deck in Siargao Complete Guide

Quick Guide To Coconut Trees Viewpoint

Coconut Trees Viewpoint Siargao Island, Philippines

Siargao Island is famous for its endless coconut trees that cover the entire island. Coconut Trees View Deck is one of the best places on the island to get a great view of them. This is one of the more popular spots in Siargao and is worth the visit.

Where Is Coconut Trees View Deck

Located in the southern part of Siargao, Coconut Trees View Deck is about 30 minutes from General Luna the main tourist hub in Siargao where a majority of the hotels are at.

How To Get There

Renting a scooter in General Luna is the easiest way to get there. You can find many to rent for around 400-500 pesos a day and cheaper rates for monthly rentals. Some hotels will rent to you as well. You can also wave a trike down on the street or hire a personal driver to take you there in a van if you prefer a more comfortable ride.

What to Expect at Coconut Trees View Deck

Located alongside one of the main roads in Siargao island is Coconut Trees View Deck. From here you can see endless coconut trees go across the valley. Due to Typhoon Odette, there are far fewer trees than there used to be and that goes for the entire island of Siargao. Nonetheless, it is still an amazing view and there are many coconut trees left standing. There are also locals selling food and drinks nearby as it can get very hot during the day.

Places Nearby

Most people when going to Coconut Trees View Deck make it one of their stops along the way to more places across Siargao Island. Some places nearby worth seeing are listed below.

Pacifico Beach

Maason River

Magpupungko Rock Pools


Coconut Trees Viewpoint is definitely worth seeing since it is just a short scooter ride away from General Luna. It’s one of the places where you can get a higher vantage point above the coconut trees.


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