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Inambakan Falls In Cebu Island – Travel Guide

Everything You Need To Know About Inambakan Falls

inambakan falls in cebu philippines

Located in the mountains of Southern Cebu Island is Inambakan Falls. It is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the Philippines and has far fewer crowds than the popular Kawasan Falls located nearby. There are 5 levels and it has some of the bluest water you will see making it a great waterfall for swimming and cliff jumping.

How To Get There

Just an hour and a half drive south of Moalboal in the Municipality of Badian is Inambakan Waterfall. It is near the town of Ginatilan where you will drive up a winding road into the mountains before reaching the falls. Renting a scooter or taking a taxi is one of the easiest ways to get there from Moalboal.

It is preferable you stay near Moalboal or another town nearby like Oslob so you can take your time and not be as rushed and see the other falls and beaches near the area.

From Cebu City, it is a much farther drive at about 4 hours and you will want to rent a car or hire a driver for the day. Being such a long drive if you are doing a day trip it is recommended you try to see a few other falls in the area like Kawasan Falls or Tumalog Falls.

What To Expect At Inambakan Falls

The rocky cliffs and jungles that surround this 100-foot waterfall make it one of the best in Cebu Island.

Entrance Fee And Parking Lot

When you reach the parking lot the entrance fee to the falls is 50 pesos or about $1. There are some snacks and water for sale there also. You can get a guide which is helpful because some of the higher levels of the falls require more of a climb to get there and the guides also know some great places for cliff jumping.

The Hike To The Falls

inambakan falls river

The hike through the jungle to the first falls is only about 5 minutes. It is a very nice scenic hike where you walk along the river. There are a set of steep stairs taking you to some of the higher levels of the falls and if you want to swim or cliff jump in the upper portion of the falls it requires a little bit of rock climbing.

Inambakan Falls

inambakan falls

Level 1 of Inambakan Falls is the tallest fall of all five levels. This is a great place for swimming to cool off from the heat. Like many of the waterfalls in the Philippines the water is bright blue. There is a cliff jumping spot located on the right side of the falls that many people jump off of.

The upper parts of the falls are not as tall but the water is very clear as you reach the top. There is pools to swim in along the way as you climb higher up the mountain.

palm trees in the jungle of the philippines

Best Time To Visit

Inambakan Falls isn’t usually as crowded as other falls so you don’t have to worry as much about getting there early but it is preferable incase there happens to be more people like on weekends. The rainy season in the Philippines is from June to October so check the weather before going as well.

Where To Stay

Staying near Moalboal there are many accommodations located right on the beach and this is the ideal place to stay if you plan to visit many of the waterfalls in Southern Cebu Island. The town has many restaurants and amenities to offer.

Oslob Also has many accommodations as well if you plan on doing the Whale Shark Diving, this is a great area to stay in as well.

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