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The Ultimate Guide To Islands In The Philippines 2022

nacpan beach philippines
Nacpan Beach, Palawan - Philippines

The Philippines is home to some of the most amazing islands in the world. There are around 7,640 islands and many are untouched with 2000 of them being inhabited. Some of the best beaches you will ever see in Asia are located in the Philippines. You can enjoy world-class diving, surfing and more. Here are the top islands you have to visit when traveling to the Philippines.

El Nido

El Nido Philippines
El Nido – Philippines

El Nido is a small town located on the Philippine island of Palawan. It is known for its stunning beaches, cliffs and crystal clear lagoons. If you have seen photos of the Philippines you were likely looking at photos of El Nido. It is possibly the most famous place in the Philippines to visit. There are many things to do in El Nido and there are also a number of restaurants and bars in town. There are many island hopping tours that will take you to the islands where you can snorkel, kayak and enjoy the beaches.

Things To Do

  • Island Hopping Tours to explore the famous Small and Secret lagoon and many of the beaches
  • Snorkeling and Diving
  • See Taraw Cliff
  • See Nacpan Beach and go Glamping

Siargao Island

Siargao Philippines
Siargao Philippines – TaianaNur /Depositphotos.com

in 2019 Siargao was ranked the best island in the world by Conde Nast Traveler. It has also been on many other lists and is one of the top islands in the world. Siargao is very laidback and is where many surfers also reside due to its world-class surfing. It is home to the famous coconut trees that are all over the island. Siargao has more of an island lifestyle and is less developed than other islands, people mostly get around on scooters and motorcycles. There are also many nice bars and restaurants located here and many people call it a smaller version of Bali. It is definitely a place you must visit. It was however hit by a typhoon in 2021 completely destroyed the island the locals have been rebuilding and things are starting to get back to normal.

Things To Do

  • Surf at the famous Cloud 9 Surf Area
  • Island Tours where you can visit (Naked Island, Daku Island, Guayam Island and more)
  • Swing on the Rope Swing at Maasin Bridge
  • See the Coconut Trees at Coconut View Point
  • See the Mangroves
  • Sugba Lagoon and Blue Lagoon (Titikan Lagoon)


boracay philippines
Boracay – Philippines

Boracay is known for its famous fine white sand beaches and some of the bluest water you will ever see. There is also sailing there where you can go on a sailboat and see the sunset. There are many watersports in Boracay from Parasailing, Kiteboarding, Jet Sking, Diving and more. Boracay is more developed than many other islands is it is full of restaurants and bars. It was known as party island but it recently went through a rehabilitation project in 2018 where they shut the island down for 6 months to clean it up. It still has a great nightlife scene and is now much cleaner than before. Boracay is a must-see place if you go to the Philippines.

Things To Do

  • Go on a Sail Boat and See the Incredible Sunset
  • Paddle Board or Kayak on the Crystal Clear Water
  • See the famous white sand at Puka Shell Beach
  • Jet Sking, Parasailing and Kiteboarding
  • Experience the Nightlife


Waterfalls in Cebu Philippines
Waterfalls in Cebu – Philipines

Cebu island has many things to offer, it is home to Cebu City which is the second largest city in the Philippines and is located in the central part of the country and can be a good place to base yourself. It is a large island with many things to see from world-class diving in Moalboal, swimming with Whale Sharks in Oslob and seeing the many waterfalls and beaches located here. For food, there is also the Famous Lechon Belly that it is Cebu is known for. There is an international airport located in Cebu City that makes it easy to fly into as well.

Things To Do

  • Swim with Whale Sharks in Oslob
  • Diving in Moalboal
  • Try the Famous Cebu Lechon Belly
  • Canyoneering at Kawasan Falls and see many other waterfalls on the island


coron philippines
Coron Philippines – Photo by Miraluna Becher  on Unsplash

Located in Palawan Coron is another incredible destination, it is like El Nido with cliffs and coral reefs that make it a great destination for diving. There is a famous WWII Japanese Shipwrecks that you can dive and down and see. Barracuda Lake is also located here and contains both fresh water and salt water and is heated by geothermal activity. It is crystal clear along with many of the lagoons here. You can enjoy many island tours here as there is so much to see. It is a short ferry ride or flight away from El Nido.

Things To Do

  • Island Hopping and swimming in Baracuda Lake, Kayangan Lake and The Twin Lagoon
  • Mt. Tapyas Viewpoint
  • Coron Market
  • Maquinit Hot Spring


bohol philippines
Bohol – Philippines

Bohol is known for its famous chocolate hills. It is located a short ferry ride away from Cebu or a flight from Manila. It can be a less crowded and cheaper destination in the Philippines. There are great beaches located in Panglao for swimming and diving in coral reefs. You travel north up the island and also see the Tarsiers considered the world’s smallest primate or go on a sunset river cruise and enjoy dinner on the Lombok river.

Things To Do

  • See the Chocolate Hills
  • Go on a cruise on the Lombok River
  • See the Tarsiers the world’s smallest primate
  • Relax on the Beaches in Panglao


siquijor philippines
Siquijor Philippines – Photo by Louie Martinez  on Unsplash

Siquijor is a smaller island located off the southern part of Cebu that you can reach by ferry or you can also fly from Manila. There are mountains and many nice waterfalls located here like the popular Cambugahay Falls. You can ride a motorcycle around the entire island in just 2 hours or visit Paliton beach which is considered to be the nicest beach in Siquijor. There is also cliff jumping in Siquijor located at Salagdoong. This is a more off the beaten path island than others on the list.

Things To Do

  • See waterfalls like Cambugahay Falls and Lugnason Falls
  • Rent a Motorcycle and Explore the Island
  • Relax on Paliton Beach
  • Cliff jumping in Salagdoong


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