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A Simple Guide to Doot Beach Siargao Island

A Quick Overview Of Doot Beach

Doot Beach Siargao Philippines Boat

Where Is Doot Beach And How to Get There

Doot Beach is located just 10 minutes east of General Luna away from the crowds.To reach Doot Beach, visitors you have several options. The fastest and easiest way is to rent a scooter in General Luna, prices range from 300-500 pesos a day. You can also hire a trike and have them drop you off which is also very cheap as well.

What To Expect At Doot Beach

Doot Beach Siargao Philippines

Doot Beach is a less crowded alternative to the well-known beaches in Siargao, such as Cloud 9. It offers a great option for those who want to avoid busy areas and enjoy some sun in a more peaceful environment. With fewer tourists around, Doot Beach provides a relaxed atmosphere where you can take it easy.

The quiet nature of Doot Beach means you can find your own space to unwind, while still taking advantage of the clear waters, coconut trees and nice views that Siargao offers.

Places Nearby


It may not be as nice as some other beaches on Siargao Island like Pacifico Beach but with it being so close to General Luna it is worth the short scooter ride.


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