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Complete Guide To Nacpan Beach In El Nido

Everything You Need To Know About Nacpan Beach

nacpan beach at sunset

Nacpan Beach in El Nido Palawan has been on many lists as one of the top beaches in the world. This long stretch of beach is lined with coconut palm trees. Located on the southern part of Nacpan Beach are Twin Beach and Calitang Beach. There are many water sports activities, restaurants and places to stay in the area, it’s great for a day trip or to spend a few days relaxing on the beach.

Getting There

Getting to Nacpan Beach is fairly easy, it just a short 30-minute drive from El Nido. You have a few options for getting there.

Rent a Motorcycle / Scooter

Renting a Motorcycle or Scooter is by far the most convenient option giving you the most freedom and flexibilty. Prices can range from 500 pesos per day and up depending on size and type of rental.


Hiring a tricycle is very easy just flag one down anywhere on the street and ask the price to Nacpan Beach. A Reasonable fare is around 1000 pesos. It can be a very bumpy ride on a tricycle so be prepared for that as the roads are usually filled with potholes.

A Van

A shared van or shuttle service is great for larger groups and costs around 600 pesos per person for a round trip. This can be ideal if you prefer a more comfortable ride with air conditioning.

Where to Stay

If you choose to stay overnight instead of you doing a day trip you can choose to stay at many of the hotels and resorts or go glamping.

Popular Hotels & Resorts

Some of the popular hotels and hostels located near the beach are listed below.


Glamping is one of the very popular things people choose to do at Nacpan Beach. It is a fancy version of camping in tents.

Things to Do

nacpan beach palm trees

There are many things to do from sailing and seeing the sunset to surfing. You can go paddle boarding or spend the day relaxing on the beach drinking cocktails. There is a popular beach club in the center of Nacpan Beach at ANGKLA Beach Club & Boutique Resort where you can enjoy some food and drinks or rent a daybed as well.

Best Time to Visit

The best times to go to any destination in the Philippines including Nacpan Beach would be in the dry season from November to May. The rainy season is usually from June to October and you may see rain storms on and off throughout the day during this time.

Afternoons are the best time of day to relax on Nacpan Beach as it is not too hot. You can enjoy the sunset with drinks and get dinner after.

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