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Tumalog Falls In Cebu – Everything You Need To Know

Tumalog Falls Complete Guide

Tumalog Falls in Cebu Philippines

The Philippines has many breathtaking waterfalls, and Tumalog Falls is one of the most incredible. Located in South Cebu Island, this is one of the newer falls that was found in 2012 and they have recently built a new road going up to the falls that makes it much more accessible. Many people who go to Tumalog falls also go swimming with Whale Sharks in Oslob on the same day as they are near each other.

How to Get There

From Cebu City

If you are staying in Cebu City and are looking to take a day trip to Tumalog Waterfall it is about a 3 to 4 hours drive from Cebu City one way depending on traffic. There are 3 options you can take a tour, hire a private driver or rent a car.


There are many tour companies in Cebu where you can arrange a 12-14 hour day trip that are combined with Tumalog Falls, Oslob Whale Sharks, and Canyoneering at the popular Kawasan Falls. There are also shorter tours available as well.

Hire a Driver

You can hire a private driver for the day from Cebu to get to Tumalog Falls. This offers more flexibility than tours as you can just tell your driver where you would like to go. You can hire a van for around 4500 pesos for 10 hours.

Rent a Car

If you are comfortable driving in the Philippines you can rent a car. Traffic can be very hectic on the island with narrow roads so if you choose this option be prepared for that. This however offers you the most flexibility allowing you to drive straight to Tumalog Falls stopping where you want. There are many car rental companies in Cebu ranging from 2000-3000 pesos a day or around 17,000 pesos a week.

From Oslob

If you are already staying in Oslob it is only a 10 – 20 minute ride to the Tumalog Falls Parking Lot.

Rent a Scooter

Around Oslob, there are scooters you can rent for around 400 pesos a day. This is the best option if you are comfortable riding a scooter.

Hire a Taxi or Trike

You can hire a taxi or a trike to the falls as well. Just flag one down on the streets in Oslob and ask the price.

Entrance Fee And Hike

There is a steep road not accessible by cars and you need to park at Tumalog Falls car park. Then you can either walk or take a (habal-habal) moto-taxis located right at the entrance ready to take you down to the falls for 50 pesos. I wouldn’t recommend walking as it can be a steep hill and it is usually hot outside.

Opening Time

Opening times are Monday – Sunday from 6:00 am to 5:00 pm.


Once arriving at the parking lot the entrance fee is 20 pesos per person.

What to Expect At Tumalog Falls

Tumalog Falls in Cebu Philippines

The Falls

Located in the jungle and surrounded by limestone cliffs Tumalog Falls is around 80-100 meters (250-320 feet) high and is one of the best waterfalls in Cebu.

Swimming and Water Temperature

Below the falls is a turquoise pool where you can swim and walk behind the curtain of falling water. The water depth is shallow and the water temperature can be pretty cold so and be a good way to escape from the heat.


There will be guides there offering to take your picture for a small fee if you would like. There is a restroom located at the falls as well.

Best Time to Visit

Be sure to get to Tumalog falls early as it can be crowded especially on weekends especially if you want to get pictures and swim without the crowds. Also, be sure to check the weather as the rainy season in the Philippines is from June to October so you may see some rainstorms during this time.

Where to Stay


There are many great affordable options in Oslob below are a few options.

Cebu City

There are many hotels in Cebu City to choose from here are a few.

Tumalog Falls is a must see when in Cebu, for more on the Philippines visit the articles below.


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